Before the Trip

All our drivers are required to have a driver card certificate issued by IMM in Istanbul while registering with the Tezztaxi system. This document cannot be obtained without documents such as criminal record, driver's license, driver's license GBT and health report. Criminal record, driver's license, driver's license GBT and health report are also required from our drivers in other locations where we operate.


To protect your privacy, your phone number is not shown to the driver when texting and calling with the driver. It is done by masking through our call center switchboard.


During the Journey!

Your travel information will be sent via instant message to the person you will register in the Emergency department on the application.


Anytime Support!

Our teams are always ready to support you before, during and after the trip. You can always reach us from the contact section on the application. Whether you are a station or a company. Staying without a car when you have a vehicle problem at the stops. Call a Tezz taxi with the system and do not victimize your customers. On top of that, get out in the snow. Is taxi always required in your business? Call a Tezz taxi whenever you want and be profitable.